Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Choice!

By Og Mandino

Hey Guys,

WOW!! I love "The Choice" by Og Mandino, it is def one of my all time fave books!!

I do not care if it is corny but this book always makes me cry, so very moving!

Og Mandino is one of the most inspirational writers I've had the honor to read. He speaks from the heart
and makes you think...really think about the choices that you have in your daily life.

Og Mandino's words have provided hope to those struggling with life's challenges. He has inspired us all to reach higher, dream bigger, work harder and intentionally create more with our lives. Grateful individuals from around the world and from almost every walk of life have expressed profound thanks for Og's healing words.

Og Mandino's time-tested principles are needed today more than ever before. He knew the dark dungeons of despair and discouragement and how our old habits of thinking can sabotage our lives. Og also knew how to rise above these firestorms and again find success, happiness, and peace of mind.


Your Why!

Friday, February 11, 2011

What is this Why thing all about?

When I first started in Network Marketing, 7 years ago, I was asked the reason "why" I was doing this business! Hmmmmm I thought to myself, "What are these people talking about?" Why is everyone else doing this? Extra income? Money??
That is what I assumed. I was never asked why I was at work; we were all there for the same reason, 40 hrs of time for 40 hrs of pay.
Somehow this industry was different. HA!! Little did I know then how important and vital that "WHY" is in this industry.

Why are we in this business? Your why must be deeper than money, example: what will the money do for you? How will it change your life? What will it allow you to do that you cannot do right now? How will that feel?
Allow yourself to dream! Dream Big!

Oh, now we are on to something. You need a big, fat WHY!!
Whoa, Your Why is everything. It is what keeps you going! What is it that will continue to drive you forward even when it gets tough? If it's only a wish you will give up easily; if it's an absolute desire you will keep going no matter what!

Do you want more time with your family? Do you want to stay home with your kids? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to have a Great Life?
Financial Peace!! Time Freedom! Travel! Help Others!

Wow, The Why is Powerful!
I believe it must bring you to tears! You got to feel it in your gut!! Really!!

THE POWER OF YOUR WHY: Why are you looking to build a Network Marketing Business? This is your internal motivation that will give you a "NO MATTER WHAT" attitude!
Think about it, today! What is your WHY?
Write it down, print it out, read it twice a day, ten times a day!
Then take action and build your business!
Together We Can!
Here's to Your Success!

Moms, Natural Networkers!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We are already sharing!

Moms are already networking! As a matter of fact we are great,natural Marketers, we love to share/network!!

I have already shared all of this with countless people in one week..

1-Popchips and LaCroix

2- a great callus remover, SoftFeet, that works and is awesome!

3- you have to try Fage Greek yogurt with Honey (the honey is critical,lol)

4-I love Jen Lancaster, her books are laugh out loud and scare your dogs while you are reading, funny!

5- how I lost over 60 pounds years ago and have kept it off (walking 30-45 min a day, 7 days a week, no strolling/sweating,lol sweating!)

Now to put this in a business perspective, A Network Marketing Business for Moms is so natural as we are already sharing information with each other, so why not get paid to Share!!

Why not us?

Why not more Moms making six figure incomes? Working from home around the important things in life, like our families!!

It is becoming more and more attractive to so many and many are reaching that Goal already, many in our company and on my Team!!

Let's build a Team of Fun,loving, supportive Moms with the same goal!!

Let's create an income that will provide the comfort and security all our families deserve!

WOW, I am on a roll!! I am not passionate about this business at all,LOL!!!

It is Simple (we work smart) It is Fun, It is Lucrative and We Can Do IT!!!

If you join my team and are serious about your business, I will commit to teach you everything I know about this business. Your success is my success and I will help you every step of the way.

Together In Success!

Bringing Blogging Back!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow! I have not blogged since March of last year, what a slacker!
Ok, bringing my blog back from the dead!
New Year, New Dreams, New Goals!!

I have Decided to embrace the next 12 months by living and embracing
life with all my God-given potential!
So far, so good!

What have you decided to create in 2011 for your best life?

Bookworm! Toes in the Sand, Nose in a Book!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Think Big!

By David J. Schwartz

I just finished reading "The Magic of Thinking BIG" by David J. Schwartz. This book was written in the 50's but it is still quite relevant today.

According to David J. Schwartz, it's really quite simple - if you want more out of your life, than think bigger. What makes this book a self-development/success classic? The success principles that have proven workable and viable for over fifty years and, are still true today: To make it big in life, you can't settle for small thinking.

Your life today is a reflection of how BIG you're allowing yourself to think, dream and plan. Dr. Schwartz guides you through The Magic of Thinking Big but the rest is up to you.

He shows you how to:
* Magnify your thinking power
* Discover your positive self
* Change your attitude to change your life
* Trigger self-confidence
* Develop the big thinker vocabulary
* Go for what you want the big thinker's way
* Think BIG and you'll live BIG!

I highly recommend this book for your success/self-development library.

Beach Money!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I cannot live without books. - Thomas Jefferson

I agree!!

I just finished reading Beach Money by Jordan Adler. If you haven’t read it, you need to. It’s a great book.

Beach Money means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

To me, it means freedom. The freedom to not have to worry about personal finances. The freedom to spend time they way you want to spend it. To spend more time with family and friends. On the Beach, preferably!

I Love Quotes!

The cure for anything is saltwater
-sweat, tears or the sea.
~Isak Dinesen