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Friday, February 11, 2011

What is this Why thing all about?

When I first started in Network Marketing, 7 years ago, I was asked the reason "why" I was doing this business! Hmmmmm I thought to myself, "What are these people talking about?" Why is everyone else doing this? Extra income? Money??
That is what I assumed. I was never asked why I was at work; we were all there for the same reason, 40 hrs of time for 40 hrs of pay.
Somehow this industry was different. HA!! Little did I know then how important and vital that "WHY" is in this industry.

Why are we in this business? Your why must be deeper than money, example: what will the money do for you? How will it change your life? What will it allow you to do that you cannot do right now? How will that feel?
Allow yourself to dream! Dream Big!

Oh, now we are on to something. You need a big, fat WHY!!
Whoa, Your Why is everything. It is what keeps you going! What is it that will continue to drive you forward even when it gets tough? If it's only a wish you will give up easily; if it's an absolute desire you will keep going no matter what!

Do you want more time with your family? Do you want to stay home with your kids? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to have a Great Life?
Financial Peace!! Time Freedom! Travel! Help Others!

Wow, The Why is Powerful!
I believe it must bring you to tears! You got to feel it in your gut!! Really!!

THE POWER OF YOUR WHY: Why are you looking to build a Network Marketing Business? This is your internal motivation that will give you a "NO MATTER WHAT" attitude!
Think about it, today! What is your WHY?
Write it down, print it out, read it twice a day, ten times a day!
Then take action and build your business!
Together We Can!
Here's to Your Success!

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