Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Choice!

By Og Mandino

Hey Guys,

WOW!! I love "The Choice" by Og Mandino, it is def one of my all time fave books!!

I do not care if it is corny but this book always makes me cry, so very moving!

Og Mandino is one of the most inspirational writers I've had the honor to read. He speaks from the heart
and makes you think...really think about the choices that you have in your daily life.

Og Mandino's words have provided hope to those struggling with life's challenges. He has inspired us all to reach higher, dream bigger, work harder and intentionally create more with our lives. Grateful individuals from around the world and from almost every walk of life have expressed profound thanks for Og's healing words.

Og Mandino's time-tested principles are needed today more than ever before. He knew the dark dungeons of despair and discouragement and how our old habits of thinking can sabotage our lives. Og also knew how to rise above these firestorms and again find success, happiness, and peace of mind.


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